Ownership and Funding Information

"Journal Today" is a subsidiary brand owned by ADSUMPR DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, a company based in Patna, Bihar, India. We take pride in being an independent and privately-owned media organization.


ADSUMPR DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is the sole owner of "Journal Today." As a subsidiary brand, we operate under the guidance and direction of our parent company, ensuring adherence to our shared values and principles.


"Journal Today" operates on a self-sustained and bootstrapped funding model. We do not rely on external investors or venture capital firms for financial support. Instead, we generate revenue through various means to ensure our independence and maintain editorial integrity.

Revenue Model:

Our primary sources of revenue come from online advertisements, sponsored articles, and sponsored magazines. We offer advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations looking to reach our audience through display ads, sponsored content, and other advertising formats. These advertisements are clearly distinguished from our editorial content to maintain transparency and uphold the trust of our readers.

In addition to advertising, we collaborate with partners for sponsored articles and magazines. These collaborations are clearly disclosed to our readers, ensuring transparency and distinguishing between sponsored and independent content.

We are committed to delivering high-quality journalism while maintaining a sustainable business model. By diversifying our revenue streams through advertising and sponsored content, we can continue to provide our readers with the latest news and engaging magazine content.