Learn to Produce AI-Generated Images with Midjourney's Step-by-Step Guide

AI-generated images are widely renowned on the web and not giving it a shot means missing out on numerous opportunities. Follow this comprehensive guide to utilizing Midjourney and bring to life surreal landscapes and subjects in mere moments.

Feb 5, 2023 - 21:59
Feb 5, 2023 - 22:00
Learn to Produce AI-Generated Images with Midjourney's Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the world of AI-generated artwork with Midjourney. This highly popular AI program allows users to easily bring to life dreamlike landscapes and subjects with just a few simple steps. Here's a complete guide to using Midjourney to create stunning AI images:

  1. Sign up for a Discord account: In order to use Midjourney, you'll need to have a Discord account. If you haven't already, you can sign up for free.

  2. Visit Midjourney's website: Go to Midjourney's website and click on "Join the beta." This will redirect you to a Discord invitation.

  3. Accept the Discord invitation: After you are redirected to the page, click on the "Accept Invite" button to continue to Discord.

  4. Launch Discord: Once you've accepted the invitation, the Discord app will launch. In the left menu, select the ship-like Midjourney icon.

  5. Join the Newcomer rooms: Find the "Newcomer" rooms in the Midjourney channels and join one of them.

  6. Start creating AI art: Type "/imagine" in the beginner room's Discord conversation to open a popup box where you can provide a description for your image. The more specific your description, the better the AI will generate results.

  7. Wait for the AI to generate images: Midjourney will generate multiple variations based on your description. You can then select the image you like best and make variations or adjust the image to your liking.

  8. Save and download the image: Once you're happy with the image, you can DM it to yourself and save it for later.

Midjourney was launched on July 12, 2022, and was created by David Holz. With this comprehensive guide, you'll be able to easily create stunning AI images using Midjourney.

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