Fact Check Policy

1. Reasonable Accuracy: Journal Today strives for reasonable accuracy in all of its content, taking into account the subject matter, nature of the information, and audience expectations. We examine claims with skepticism, question assumptions, and challenge conventional wisdom. We acknowledge areas of uncertainty and the varying rigor required for fact-checking different types of stories.

2. Reliable Sources: We ensure that news and information published by Journal Today are sourced from reliable sources based on solid and verifiable evidence. In cases where direct sources are lacking, we provide links to the platforms from which the information is sourced.

3. Verification of Claims: Journal Today endeavors to verify any claim, allegation, or information pertaining to public officials or individuals beyond giving an account of the veracity of the incident. If we are unable to verify certain information, we qualify and call it out accordingly.

4. Accountability and Corrections: We stand by the accuracy of the information we publish, but if any information is proven to be inaccurate, we promptly make necessary changes and inform our readers about the corrections. Serious factual errors are acknowledged publicly and corrected in a clear and appropriate manner.

5. Opportunities for Feedback: Journal Today provides a platform for the public to report any inaccuracies or errors they find on our website through the "Suggest an Improvement through Comments" feature. This allows for ongoing improvement and accountability.

6.Responsible Journalism: The foremost responsibility of our journalists is to report, write, and fact-check news, information, and stories. They reach out to relevant parties in the case of allegations, independently verify information, and strive to provide the most accurate results.

7. Sourcing Information: We collect information following strict guidelines, including verifying information with at least two sources. Documentary evidence is sought whenever possible, and discrepancies in data are promptly communicated to viewers. We make efforts to provide as much information about sources as possible, including their reliability.

8. User-Generated Content: User-generated content is subject to verification before being used in our content. We take reasonable steps to ensure the veracity of such content, especially when it comes from individuals with vested interests or lobby groups. We clearly identify user-generated content and qualify and call out any content that was not collected by our own journalists.

9. Separating Fact from Rumor: Care is taken to separate fact from rumor, particularly on social media platforms. Content from social media or other internet sources may require additional investigation for verification. We qualify and call out content that was not collected by our own journalists.

10. Consultation and Decision-Making: Journalists at Journal Today are encouraged to consult with senior resources or the person leading the room if they are in doubt or unable to make a decision independently to avoid presenting misinformation to the audience.

By adhering to this Fact Check Policy, Journal Today aims to provide accurate, fair, and balanced reporting, ensuring the trust and confidence of its audience.