Editorial team Information

Journaltoday prides itself on its dedicated team of journalists located across the globe, committed to delivering accurate and credible news stories that matter. Our journalists collaborate closely with our content management and editorial teams to ensure the highest quality of journalism.


1. Journalist's Submission: Our journalists begin by submitting the first draft of their stories.

2. Fact-check and Clean-up: A member of the editorial team conducts a thorough fact-check and performs necessary clean-up of the submitted story. If there are any major changes required, the story is sent back to the journalist for further improvement.

3. Editorial Standards: Once the story meets the editorial standards, it is prepared for publication.


1. Aryan Shrivastav (Manager and Editor in Chief): Aryan oversees the entire editorial team, ensuring the smooth operation of Journal Today. With a wealth of experience in journalism and editorial management, he provides guidance and direction to the team.

2. Rahul Kumar Pandey (Editor in Chief): Rahul works alongside Aryan as an Editor in Chief, responsible for overseeing the content quality and editorial policies of Journal Today. He brings his expertise in journalism to maintain the high standards of our publication.

3. Karishma Bhardwaz (Senior Journalist-Editor): Karishma is a seasoned journalist with a keen eye for detail. She not only covers news stories but also serves as an editor, ensuring the accuracy and coherence of the content published by Journal Today.

4. Neha Singh (Senior Journalist-Editor): Neha is an accomplished journalist who excels in both reporting and editing. She plays a crucial role in the editorial team, contributing to the overall quality and integrity of Journal Today's news articles.

5. Rohit Kumar (Editor and Designer): Rohit brings a creative touch to Journal Today as an editor and designer. He is responsible for the visual presentation of the publication, ensuring that the layout and design align with the content.

6.Piyush Kumar (Senior Copy Editor): Piyush specializes in copy editing, meticulously reviewing and refining the written content. His attention to detail and language expertise ensure that the published articles are error-free and well-polished.

7. Piyush Mishra (Senior Copy Editor): Piyush is another valuable member of our copy editing team. He works closely with the journalists and other editors to enhance the clarity, grammar, and style of the news stories before publication.

Together, the dedicated members of our editorial team at Journal Today strive to deliver accurate, reliable, and engaging news content to our readers.