Correction Policy

Journal Today is committed to delivering accurate and comprehensive news reports to our readers based on the information available at the time of publication. However, we acknowledge that errors can occur, and we take responsibility for promptly correcting any mistakes or inaccuracies that come to our attention. Our correction policy is as follows:

1. Timely Corrections: Once an error is identified in our published material, we strive to rectify it promptly. We employ various channels to ensure our readers are informed about the correction, such as posting a correction notice on our website, social media handles, or sharing an editor's note detailing the error and the correction made.

2. Updates to Reports: Whenever a significant mistake is corrected or a story is edited to include additional information or comments from stakeholders, we clearly indicate the update by using a correction, clarification, or editor's note. This note will be prominently displayed at the top of the article and will be marked in bold as "[Correction: updated information...]" to ensure readers are aware of the correction made. Additionally, we encourage our community members to notify us of any errors by sending article links to We also provide an opportunity for readers to suggest improvements or provide feedback in the comments section at the bottom of each article.

3. Acknowledging Fixes: If an error is pointed out by a reader in the comment section, we acknowledge the fix and inform the readers that the issue has been resolved. Similarly, if incorrect information is published on our social media platforms, we promptly correct the post or, if necessary, remove it entirely.

4. Take-down Requests: Journal Today generally does not entertain take-down requests for articles. However, if a subject claims that a story is incorrect, we are committed to conducting a thorough investigation and, if warranted, publishing a correction or clarification. We evaluate takedown requests only in cases where the person involved is under a credible threat of physical harm due to the existing article.

Journal Today values accuracy and integrity in journalism, and we continuously strive to maintain high editorial standards. We appreciate the engagement of our readers in helping us identify and rectify errors, as their feedback is invaluable in our mission to deliver reliable news content.