Afsheen Zehra Strongly Denies Allegations Against Cezanne Khan

Afsheen Zehra refutes claims made by Aisha Pirani, who alleges to be Cezanne Khan's wife and accuses him of obtaining a US visa through deception.

Jul 3, 2023 - 08:05
Jul 3, 2023 - 08:07
Afsheen Zehra Strongly Denies Allegations Against Cezanne Khan
Afsheen Zehra on Cezanne Khan Defence

Afsheen Zehra, a prominent figure closely associated with renowned actor Cezanne Khan, has fervently dismissed the allegations made against him by Aisha Pirani, who claims to be Khan's wife. Aisha has accused Khan of cheating and using her to acquire a US Green Card. In a firm rebuttal, Afsheen Zehra has strongly refuted these allegations, asserting that they lack any factual basis.

Aisha Pirani's filing of an FIR against Cezanne Khan has created quite a stir. She alleges that Khan deceived her in order to obtain a US Green Card, using her as a means to achieve his goal. Aisha claimed that she had been financially supporting Khan from 2013 to 2016, and she provided evidence of expenses made using her credit card during that period.

Moreover, Aisha revealed that Khan had concealed their marriage, citing his mother's desire for him to marry a younger woman as the reason for keeping their union a secret. She expressed her deep disappointment with Khan's behavior, stating that her children were also hurt by his actions. Despite having signed divorce papers, Aisha considers herself still married to Khan under Islamic law. Seeking justice and compensation, she demands the reimbursement of the money she spent on him and recognition of the mental distress she endured due to their relationship.

Coming forward to support Cezanne Khan, Afsheen Zehra has vehemently denied all the allegations made by Aisha Pirani, categorizing them as completely baseless. Zehra, who has a close and comprehensive understanding of Khan, has strongly asserted that Aisha's claims hold no truth. She pointed out that Khan possesses considerable wealth and financial independence, with his own properties, thus making the alleged pursuit of a US Green Card seem illogical.

Afsheen Zehra further emphasized that if Khan truly desired a US Green Card, he would have relocated to the United States long ago. She expressed confidence in Khan's integrity and refuted the notion that he would engage in such deceptive practices.

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